Business advantage

Warehousing service is no more a four wall space away from city to keep market surplus till demand arises, it is now a dynamic area with diverse activities and contribute towards efficiency of chain.

Integrated Warehousing Solution

When you select Kalyx warehousing service, you never every have to worry about warehousing related service to any other vendor.

Trust and Professionalism

Warehousing service is a trust relation between service provider and client, maintaining trust with professionalism is hence of utmost importance. We offer tangible professionalism with trust by offering all time stock visibility option with real-time alerts for stock movements.

  • KYD (Know Your Depositor) registration and maintenance : Negate unauthorized access to stocks
  • Depositor would have access to Electronic Management System for tracking his holding and transactions
  • Depositor would receive email as well as SMS alerts on registered ID and Number
  • Process oriented profile and system in place of person oriented
  • Arm’s length relation with concerns too.