Enhancing the Goods Grading

Cleaning and grading of goods in warehousing is a critical step to ensure that products meet quality and safety standards, reduce waste, and meet customer expectations. It is an integral part of ensuring the integrity of the supply chain and maintaining the quality of products as they move from production to distribution.

Know Your Goods

Kalyx as a service provider along with offering cleaning/grading service, also provide consultation about requirements of particular commodity to enhance the value of goods further.

A clean and graded material always fetch higher remuneration and also increase the self-life i.e. a direct contribution towards increasing efficiency of agricultural chain.

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Facilities at Kalyx for Goods Cleaning

Every agricultural commodity needs a level of cleaning and grading before being consumed for further processing and final consumption. Understanding the handling and transportation losses, along with building efficiency in the system Kalyx offers cleaning and grading services for diverse commodities in adjacent to our storage facilities.

Goods Cleaning Image 1 Goods Cleaning Image 2

We have state of art cleaning/grading and sorting plants at our integrated warehousing complexes where we can process whole seed spices, cereals, grains, pulses, oilseeds etc.