General Terms and Condition For Storage

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  • In accordance with the provision of State Warehousing Corporations Act, the KALYX warehousing Pvt.Ltd runs warehouses for the storage of agricultural produce , seeds , manures , fertilizers , agricultural implements and notified commodities offered by individuals , cooperative societies and other institutions.
  • In pursuance of the above , following commodities are also accepted for storage :
    • Food stuffs , including edible oil-seeds
    • Cattle fodder , including oil cakes and other concentrates
    • Raw cotton , whether ginned or unginned and cotton seeds
    • Raw jute
    • Vegetable oil

Acceptance of Goods

  • The goods are accepted at the KALYX warehouse on first come first served basis. However, the reservation of space is also made on written request from the depositors.
  • Procedure for receipt, storage, handling and delivery of goods at the warehouses is prescribed in the manual of the State Warehousing Acts and rules and the instructions issued by the KALYX, from time to time.
  • The goods are inspected and weighed, where necessary at the time of deposit to determine their quality and quantity. As and when goods are received in a warehouse, Warehouse Receipt is issued to the depositor. The general terms and conditions for storage of goods at the warehouse, are printed on the back of Warehouse Receipt.
  • The Warehouse Receipt is required to be presented / surrendered at the time of part / full delivery of goods. If the depositor so desires, non- negotiable warehouse Receipt may be issued by the KALYX warehousing Pvt.Ltd for the goods deposited at the warehouse.
  • The depositor will send the stocks in good condition in their own interest. The officer In charge of the warehouse will have right to reject such stocks which in his opinion are not storage worthy. The officer In charge of the Warehouse has the right to get the stocks re-bagged / stitched where bags which are received in damaged torn conditions. The cost incurred on these operations will have to be reimbursed by the depositor along with supervision charges.
  • In case of stocks of food stuffs the deposition should send the stocks without any infestation. In case the warehouse Incharge finds any infestation in the stocks, he may accept the goods after necessary chemical treatment / fumigation. In such case, the KWPL will be paid charges at the rates for the time being in force for initial fumigation / treatment.

Storage Charges

  • The KALYX realizes storage charges from the depositor of the goods for the service rendered. The storage charges re determined, from time to time, by the KALYX.
  • The rate of storage charges for the time being, in force shall be applicable to the deposits received. The revised rates shall be applicable from the date notified by the KALYX. In case the revised rates are not acceptable to any depositor, he can withdraw his goods or cancel reservation and lift his stocks within one month of the date from which revised rates come in to force / notified to the depositor. In that case the pre re-vised rates shall continue to be applicable during this grace period of one month.
  • Storage charges are required to be paid in cash at the time of delivery or on accrual basis. The storage charges realized on accrual basis shall be adjusted against the total amount due to the KALYX at the time of final delivery of goods.


  • The KALYX undertakes to exercise reasonable care and diligence as is required of a Bailee under the law for keeping the goods. The liability of the KALYX, if any arising under the law, will be limited to the value of the goods on the date of deposit or on the date of occurrence of the loss, whichever is less.
  • The stocks stored in the Warehouse are normally insured / indemnified against risk of fire, floods, theft, house breaking and burglary.
  • In the event of any loss due to fire, flood or theft, the depositor will co-operate with the KALYX in furnishing full and true details for finalizing the claim for compensation by the Insurance Company.
  • In order to be certain of the availability of storage space the depositors can reserve the minimum storage space specified or more at the warehouse in terms of packages or area for a minimum period of three months in the first instance.
  • The reservation will be made in terms of complete months for the number of packages as may be indicated by the depositor for storage in the warehouse. The reservation can also be made on area basis, the minimum are being 100 sq.mtrs 100M.T
  • The depositor will be required to indicate the commodity to be stored while making reservation of space. In case subsequently the depositor wants to store a commodity other than that for which reservation was made, it can be done only with the approval of KWPL.
  • The space required for the storage for number of packages for which reservation is made by the depositor will be determined on the basis of the usual formula at working out the storage capacity of the godowns taking into account the permissible stack height. The decision of the KALYX in this regard will be final and binding on the depositor.
  • The storage charges will be payable by the depositor for the space reserved at the prescribed rate irrespective of whether the space remains totally or partially unutilized during the period of reservation.
  • If the goods are received over and above the reserved capacity or are required to be stored outside the reserved space, the depositor will have to pay the storage charges for that quantity at normal rates on monthly and / or weekly basis as applicable to ordinary deposits.
  • In any case all the stocks will not be allowed to be lifted from the warehouse unless storage, Handling and Transport or any other charges payable, including arrears, if any, have been paid by the depositor. The KWPL has the first lien on the goods stored at the warehouse in respect of storage charges and other dues which may be recovered by sale of the goods deposited in the event of default on the part of the depositor.

Handling and Transport

  • Normally the depositors are required to make their own arrangements for handling of their stocks. The depositors will bear all the charges on handling of stocks till the same are stacked in Warehouse.
  • A depositor may entrust the work of handling and Transport of his goods to the KALYX with prior arrangement at the Warehouses where he has made the reservation of space. The KALYX will provide such facilities to the depositors through H & T contractors appointed by the KALYX
  • All the stocks should be sent to the Warehouses on ‘freight paid’ basis and Railway Receipt (RRs) should reach the officer incharge of the warehouse well before the receipt of stocks. The stocks dispatched on ‘freight to pay’ basis will not be accepted unless otherwise agreed to by prior arrangement in writing. Delay in receipt of RRs may result in payment of demurrage etc. which entirely be at the risk and cost of the depositor.
  • However, if due to unforeseen circumstances, the Officer Incharge of the Warehouse id called upon to pay either freight charges / under charges / indemnity bond charges / demurrage charges / any other dues etc. at the receiving end, the same would be reimbursed to the KALYX Warehousing with supervision charges, at the rates decided by KALYX from time to time, immediately on receipt of demand notice.
  • The bills raised by the KALYX should be paid within the period prescribed by the KWPL and will not be open to adjustment against claim, if any, made by the depositors. Such claims of the depositor will be pursued separately.
  • The cost of gunny bags wherever replaced will be reimbursed on the basis of bills raised by the KALYX supported by vouchers along with supervision charges. The KWPL will follow the normal procedure in the purchase of gunnies and the depositor will neither question the same nor hold back the reimbursement.
  • In the case, weighment of goods is done on the “Lorry Weighbridge installed at the Warehouse, the weighment charges, at the rate in vogue per lorry will be payable by the depositor to the KALYX.

Distribution and Sale of Goods

  • The KWPL is also undertakes at its discretion , the work of distribution and sale of goods on behalf of such depositors , for the parties for which it is authorized under law to do so , on mutually agreed terms and conditions . The commission charges, as circulated from time to time for this work are in addition to the storage charges, H & T charges and supervision charges thereon.

Payment of KWPL dues

  • The KWPL, as a Bailee of goods, has first lien as the same to recover all its dues. The storage charges are normally payable at the time of taking delivery of the goods.
  • Payment of storage and other charges on bill basis may be agreed to by the KWPL in case f incorporate bodies. The bills are then raised on the depositor who will be required to pay the same within 10 days of the receipt thereof.
  • The bills raised by the KWPL are required to be paid in full without any deduction. In case of any claim, the same will be raised by the depositor separately. In no case the difference can be adjusted against the KWPL’s claim.

Delivery of Goods

  • The goods deposited in the warehouse will be delivered to the depositor, or his authorized representative or to the person, to whom the Release order is issued. In case other than the delivery to the depositor, the Warehouse Receipt must be endorsed in favor of such person by the depositor who will also deposit his specimen signature duly certified by him at the Warehouse.
  • The depositor will cooperate with the officer Incharge of the Warehouse at the times and may visit the Warehouse and may satisfy himself with the condition of stocks. When advised to take delivery of the stocks due to longer storage likely to lead to deterioration in the quality of stocks, the depositor should immediately take delivery of the stocks, failing which the KWPL will not be responsible for any damage to the stocks.
  • For the matters not covered by the terms and conditions of storage “ Specified at the back of Warehouse Receipt “, these instructions which will form integral part of the contract of bailment, shall apply.
  • The terms and conditions contained herein are subject to change without notice.
  • The KWPL may, at its discretion, relax any of these terms in an appropriate case.