Need for Collateral Management Risk Mitigation / Management

Financial constraints owing to the lack of liquidity are a major threat in unlocking the potential of the agriculture sector in emerging economies. This not only limits the farmer’s ability to compete but also exposes the vulnerability of agriculture to sudden and dramatic changes in food prices.

Its scattered nature and limited domain expertise as well as shortage of trained manpower, are among few limiting factors which contribute to lesser credit availability to agricultural commodities. Hence an expert of commodities with its reach to ground level is required in order to facilitate the credit while ensuring quality and quantity of pledged commodities. This is a service is very useful to banks and other lending institutions along with physical value chain participants in agricultural trade.

Key benefits of the finance program

Kalyx is committed to addressing these constraints by going beyond conventional measures. We aim to foster improvements in output markets to help entire value chain including farmers realize higher incomes. A responsibility to protect and preserve the quality as well as quantity of goods has been hypothecated to avail credit from a lending institution.

Kalyx Warehousing Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization and has been awarded by Indian Journalists Union Delhi for “Excellence in Agro Commodities & Warehousing – 2019

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We reduce operating risk by ensuring safekeeping of commodities held as collateral with stringent inspection, verification, monitoring and control measures for secure traceability across the supply chain.